An innovative platform that delivers a variety of new payment solutions to airlines

The Challenge

With more than 300 payment methods available – including WeChat Pay, Alipay, GooglePay, Apple Pay and loyalty schemes – airlines have to provide choice and convenience in order to attract customers and remain competitive. 

Airlines must also consider the importance of PCI and GDPR compliance, regarding the protection of sensitive data, as well as the increased risk of fraud. All of these factors exacerbate an already intricate payments processing challenge, which involves the integration of new payment methods within legacy infrastructure.

The challenge facing the aviation industry in respect of payments is thus unavoidable and multilayered: not only do they have to cater for new types of payments and deliver an outstanding customer experience, the platform has to be compatible with existing systems and deliver benefits for airlines.

The Solution

To address these issues, Voyego partnered with Aer Lingus to deliver a new, innovative Payments Hub platform that enables:

  • Quick onboarding of new PSPs and alternative forms of payments
  • Passengers to pay with airline loyalty points
  • Convenient, frictionless and secure in-app payments
  • Enhanced mobile experience for passengers
  • A holistic view of all payment information in one system
  • Streamlined reconciliation and refund processes
  • Identification of the payment methods and providers that deliver most value
  • Access to automated reporting tools that drive actionable insights

Aer Lingus worked with Voyego to develop a version of the Payments Hub to enable a faster, frictionless payment experience for guests and reflect the ever-increasing appetite for digital engagement within the travel sector.

To learn more, download the case study: